ECU Flashing

Modifying an bike’s ECU is more complex than plugging it in and clicking a few buttons. Each machine has different programming needs and sometimes we need to run them on the dyno dozens of times. We don’t let bikes leave the shop until we are satisfied with reaching the fullest HP. Mike has more than 20 year experience as a red seal mechanic and ECU programmer. Our website has been updated to show what makes and models we can flash & tune. With new machines added regularly please check in with us to see if we can improve your bike’s capabilities. 604-807-7770. Booking for spring service and dyno work. Call or text to get you in. ??

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2021 from the MAS Cycle Family!

Happy New Year from MAS Cycle service! Thank you for your support through a tricky 2020. We are looking forward to the new year and we have some exciting new bikes for the dyno in 2021!
It’s time to start thinking about those bikes for the spring riding season. Any mechanical needs for your street bike/dirt bike/quad and mail in ECU flashing is always available. Text for more info… 604-807-7770 -MAS

Did you know we can import your parts from the USA?

Hey fellow riders and bike enthusiasts! MAS Cycle Service is an authorized dealer for many aftermarket products and happy to pass along savings to you. If you’re looking for parts for any of the following let us know and we can get it on order. Additionally if you require parts imported we can offer pickup from our USA postal box in Lynden, WA. Skip the 6-8 week wait from dealers.

Seat Concepts


KFG Motorsports

M4 Performance Exhaust

Tokyo Mods


MP1 Suspension

VP Racing Fuels

and many more…..

Email us at for quotes on parts and we will do our best to get you the absolute best pricing ??

Harley Davidson & Victory Motorcycle Flash Now Avaliable

New this year, MAS Cycle became an authorized Direct Link (Techno Research) programming facility. This tuning system allows us to change the fueling and ignition maps as well disable the restrictions, top speed limiter and change many others features. You won’t need a secondary tuner like a Power Commander or Screaming Eagle tuner with our Direct Link system.If you have just bought or modified your Harley and swapped pipes and air filter you must re-tune your bike to take advantage of the increase in air flow into the engine and increased exhaust flow. This will give you added performance, greater throttle response and believe it or not, better fuel economy.One of the most asked questions we currently get is what we recommend for tuning modified bikes. There are a lot of products on the market ranging from the very basic to very complex and some that are best left to a professional technician. MAS Cycle utilizes DIRECT LINK which works in the same fashion as the Screaming Eagle pro street tuner or DynoJet Power Vision that rewrites the OEM files. Once tuning and dyno testing is complete the unit is disconnected from the bike you’re good to go. The main advantage with DIRECT LINK is that the bike owner only need purchase a tuning session with us, we handle everything else. More economical than pricey HD dealer costs and unreliable tuners call or text for quotes and booking. Pickup service offered. 604-807-7770. Cheers, Mike

New Name, Same Quality Workmanship

Today I am rebranding from MAS Dyno Service to MAS Cycle Service. More than 25 years in the industry I would like it to be well known that I am more than just a Dyno guy. A professional red seal mechanic offering FULL services to all powersports machines. My meticulous workmanship and reputation in the bike industry gives me a unique bike shop brand. Dyno work and engine tuning is still my specialty however I work on machines to any degree. Follow me in Instagram Text or email me to inquire how I can help you. ~Cheers and ride safe everyone, Mike Stronach 

Mail In ECU Flashing Offered

MAS Dyno Services offers mail in ECU flashing for most Japanese sportbikes and many BMW/KTM models as well. Visit my Facebook for more news, vids, and happy customer reviews. Text me for a more immediate response 604-807-7770

ECU Mail In Form

Why Dyno?

As an authorized technician for DynoJet and FTECU I’d just like to share some information around random ECU flashing. I’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years. I’ve witnessed some excellent engine modifications and some terrible ones. Unfortunately, anyone with a credit card can purchase engine flashing software but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being done properly. There are two factors involved with changing the computerized performance of your motorcycle. One is the flash itself and the second is tweaking the results as shown by performing a dyno run. ECU tuning is the art and science of cracking the code that the factory installs in your motorcycle’s brain and giving it an upgrade. Tweaking your ECU means removing things like low RPM power restrictions, closed loop fuel maps, error codes when changing parts, and a slew of other options. It enables you to take a lackluster motorcycle with twitchy throttle control and turn it into that smooth powerful road monster you expected. There are dozens of maps available on in the internet but without the component of dyno tuning your map, optimal results cannot be achieved. As a professional engine tuner, my passion is getting the best out of an engine. Consider your options before spending your money. I have an in house dynamometer and thousands of flashes and happy customers. Text Mike Stronach 604-807-7770 to inquire.

Yamaha FZ09/MT09 & FZ10/MT10 Throttle Issues:

Why should you flash tune your ECU on a Yamaha FZ09/MT09? The most obvious issue arises during on-off throttle transitions. During deceleration, the ECU’s fuel cut functionality turns the fuel injectors off above about 4,500 rpm to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Solution? A reflash of the ECU with a custom-developed engine map. Because the ECU controls the throttle behavior, fuel injection, and ignition timing, all changes can be made directly inside the ECU without adding additional equipment to the bike.